TIDAL Observations ..

Well, having tested out Tidal for a couple of weeks now on the free trial, I can honestly say .. it’s a keeper.

Surprisingly, I’ve not really visited my 77,000 strong song library held on my external hard drive. It seems that Tidal has everything that I could possibly need. Added bonus is that there’s a good smattering of what I like in MQA (thank you so much AudioQuest Cobalt Blue DAC)*

All I really need to do now to enhance my music experience, is get a better cartridge for my turntable. 

Thinking on preferred formats, I have to say: I like all of ‘em. At the end of the day, it’s the music that counts. All I can really say is upgrade what you have until you’re 100% happy. When you’re happy: Stop.

* Best purchase ever.


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