Monday, 11 February 2019

Punk Radio? .. Yes, Please!

Well, I never like to have idle hands, I always like to be doing something.

As some of you dear readers might know, I run a huge Facebook Music Group .. Songs From Under The Floorboards: The Best Of The Punk, Post-Punk, Alt Era. It's a heavily Magazine (the band) influenced Group, with nearly 3,000 members.

I was thinking about how to move things on and make it even better for our members, when I hit upon the idea of adding an internet radio station under the same banner.

The trial has been so successful, we're going to go ahead with it and keep it as an ongoing thing.

If that type of music floats your boat, instead of today's radio fodder of George Ezra, Ed Sheeran ad nausea .. here's the url for it:

Songs From Under The Floorboards Internet Radio Show