Thursday, 24 January 2019

Ribbed Amplifiers and Paintbrushes ..

Having loved music and hi fi (equal measures / go hand-in-hand), it was particularly fortuitous that I found myself working in a store that had a museum of hi fi .. er .. I mean a hi fi shop.

Seriously. I was like a kid in a candy store.

Now I could actually listen to all the great bits of hi fi that I'd previously only been able to read about in the hi fi press. That's a little fib, actually .. as I'd bought various amps and cd players 'on the journey'.

At least I could have an 8 hour demo now 😏

I'm a devil for misremembering model numbers .. so if I'm talking about giving the giant-killing Pioneer Axxx amp from the '90's a pass, (because although the sound wasn't bad at all; the build quality left a lot to be desired) .. it's only because I can't remember the darn numbers.

EDIT: A900!!!

Same as the NAD 32xxPE .. damn fine integrated amp, but .. erm .. looked a bit nouveau bauhaus (I actually bought that one though, because .. just because).

EDIT: 3220PE!!! *The alzheimer's hasn't quite kicked-in yet*

The first integrated amp that really caught my eye was Musical Fidelity's B200. An all-black, ribbed-topped beauty of a beast. It didn't run hot like the Class 'A' amps, (like the name suggests .. it was Class 'B') it weighed a ton .. and the sound .. ahhhh! .. the sound! .. rock-solid, great mid-range .. but .. but .. BUT .. those bleedin' ribs on the top .. collected dust like a Dyson. I used a paintbrush to 'flick-off' the dust. The things you do, eh?

Anyhow, like I said when I started this blog. A collection of missives. Recollections of fun times. A jumble of professional mischief (sometimes).

Just a note though, the blog .. alas .. won't be all about my workings in that illustrious musical centre of Salop .. sometimes it'll just be 'boring' stuff about what bit of hi fi hardware I've bought, or what bit of vinyl I've spent out on etc ..

Prepare to be amazed! .. or bored-rigid 😮

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