Tuesday, 22 January 2019


Hi! This is my sneaky attempt to create a blog detailing my adventures in Hi-Fi and is not meant to be chronological at all. It should read as abstract missives. Enjoy!

After I bought my first Music Centre (well, in truth; my mum did. The paper round didn't stretch that far), music was forever embedded in me. This eventually led me to working in an A/V + Hi Fi store for 11 wonderful, weird and funny years. The Hi Fi shop in question was Shropshire Hi-Fi (within the Salop Music Centre store of Independant shops. SMC Sound and Vision also being one of them). Shropshire Hi Fi is still an active concern today, working under Peter Owen. There is no-one on the planet like Pete. Pete is a Legend.

After Shropshire Hi-Fi, I carried on working within the store at SMC Sound and Vision, working with High End Audio and Television products under the equal legend that is Bernard Littler (Retired).

Sadly, SMC Sound and Vision are no-more; but the business was absorbed by SMC Custom Installations (another separate 'SMC' division, at the time).

Happy days indeed. I would be telling an untruth if I said I didn't miss working there.

Between Shropshire Hi Fi, SMC Sound and Vision and SMC Custom Installations .. I had the time of my life.


  1. Remembering Damien our nearly all black cat who took an interest in hi fi by scratching the material speaker �� covers on some floor standing ones we had at the time!!


  2. Yes! .. My beloved Tannoy DC2000’s! Bloody swine cat!!


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