New DAC is just around the corner

Apple .. you have a problem with overheating. 

I can say this with 100% confidence, as the screen on my iPhone has lifted-off from the actual unit, because of the heat emanating out from it. This is a huge problem for me, as that is my primary source for streaming (in conjunction with an AudioQuest Dragonfly). So .. what to do? 

Well, as the iPhone is nada, I need a new streaming device .. an iPad will do nicely as a replacement (bigger unit compared to the iPhone, less heating issues). I ‘could’ use the AudioQuest again, but .. that’s capped at 24/96 and I want to go sooo much higher. 

That’s where Cambridge Audio’s new DacMagic 200M comes in. 

It’s relatively inexpensive at £449 and goes way-up in the MQA stakes. Should do for me, guv! 

So, new streamer (iPad) and new DAC .. Here I come! Watch this space. 




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