Sonos PLAY5 (Gen.1) Repurposed

My humble abode was set-up (Sonos-wise) into initially 3 x Zones (Living Room, Dining Room, Man Cave). The Living Room Sonos Connect was decommissioned when I went full-on TIDAL and AudioQuest.

The Man Cave (PLAY5) has always worked flawlessly since day.1, but .. the Dining Room (PLAY5 again) has just been a PIA. 

Having gone through all the standard troubleshooting, to no avail; ... what to do? Even though it’s 1st Gen .. I really don’t like throwing anything away.

A lightbulb goes off in my head and within 5 minutes .. I’d rushed up to the Man Cave .. made both PLAY5’s a stereo pair .. and after Truplaying it .. they sound glorious! 

Hurrah for salvage! I might get a few more years out of it yet 🍻


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