New PSU has arrived ..

.. and what a fantastic addition to the system it is!

I bought the Dualcap from Teddy Pardo (Manufacturer and Naim member). It basically performs the role of 2 x Hicaps and 1 x NAPSC in one box (so out came my one Hicap and NAPSC and in went the Dualcap).

To say the difference was night and day is about right. It’s only been in my system for about a day (definitely not burned-in yet) and the separation and soundstage is incredible. Plus I can tell the difference between a kick-drum and a bass guitar now.

The one niggle I have with it has nothing to do with it’s performance and all to do with the currency conversion and VAT. Customers have to pay in U.S. Dollars and as the Pound is in the toilet at the moment, my wallet took a hammering. That’s the only grumble I have.

It even came complete with all the necessary cables ..

The product is superb and highly recommended for Naim users.

*All pics courtesy of Teddy Pardo’s Website.


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